Thursday, March 1, 2007

Welcome March...

Happy March 1st
To all of you!

March is a very fun month. It holds the first day of spring (21st), even though things are already turning green around here. My DH and I are going to finish our front flower beds this weekend in anticipation of spring.

March also holds spring break in it. I am very excited about this because my DH and I are going to be working on some projects around the house. Also, on the 19th I will be flying to see my family in Florida for a week. I just can't wait.

March is also the month that my sister was born. I am so proud to be a big sister.

I look forward to all that March 2007 holds for me.

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Rebecca said...

Oops...did that comment go through? If it did-it was not my HUSBAND wishing you a happy was I... :-) If it didn't go through...

Happy March to you as well! ;-)