Saturday, March 3, 2007

My Long Awaited Phone...

When my DH and I were looking at our house before we bought it, I just fell in love with this little phone nook. It is located in our hallway and is just perfect for a telephone (it even has a shelf for a telephone book).

I wanted a black, vintage (1940's-1950's) telephone to go in that spot. I looked on eBay and at various antique stores around town to see if I could find one. In September, I found one, but they wanted $20 for it. I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a phone used only for decoration. Well, yesterday I went back to the same store and they still had that phone. So, my DH (because he is the bartering type, which I am not) bid the lady down. So, here is my new phone. I still have to clean it up a bit, but it will be in the nook in no time.


Kelli said...

What a sweet little nook and your new phone will look perfect there!

Anonymous said...

I want your phone nook!! I remember having a phone like that when I was younger. Very nice. Good job to your husband, he did good.

Welcome to the blogging world.

Randi said...

Your new phone is cute--so vintage-y! I love older houses because of all the little extras, such as your phone nook!

I can't leave my new blog address in your comments, so I will just leave my old blogger link. ;)

Julieann said...

Your little nook is absolutely darling!!! What a perfect idea to put that kind of phone there--I am glad you found one too:)