Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sewing Seeds Project...

Well, I have completed some skirts to send to Randi for her daughter's mission trip. My friend Rebecca has some pictures of her Sewing Seeds projects, too. She has come up with the cutest dress and skirt.

I have really been itching to sew something recently, I just haven't had the time nor any real motivation to do any sewing though. However, the Sewing Seeds project light a fire under me.

I went to JoAnne's on Sunday and set my crafty wheels to turning. I first started picking out fabrics that I thought would make chic, "vintage-y" little skirts. However, upon some consideration, I decided against the boutique look and went with a young, vibrant, and happy canvas of fabrics. Now I just hope they aren't too bright.

This one is a size 3. I am thinking about putting some yellow and orange rick-rack on the bottom of this one.

This one is a size 5. I am thinking about putting some yellow and green rick-rack on the bottom of this one.

This one is a size 6.

This one is a size 7.

Here is a close up of the flower print. I am trying to figure out what I can make for myself in this print because I really like it.


Rebecca said...

Charree-I am SO proud of you for making SO MANY skirts! When I saw you had made FOUR-well, you just made my night! It made me feel like we really ARE going to make a difference-a difference for MANY girls!

Each one is so lovely and I just know those girls are going to love to look at them and feel them and will feel so pretty wearing them!


Kelli said...

Charree, you did a wonderful job on the skirts, they are so pretty! What a blessing you are to the girls!!

Julieann said...

Charree, the skirts are so lovely. I bought a skirt like that from a friend off the Prairie Homemaker, and the pattern was the same as the one you use---I love my skirt:) I can't wait to wear it again, when I have the baby--I feel so feminie in it. You do such a lovely job.


Shereen said...

Wow, you did a great job. This a great project. I'm going to speak to Kayla to see if we can do a few as well. Thanks for sharing.