Friday, March 2, 2007

Something Unusual...

I do understand that a toilet is not normally something that you see on a blog. However, I change this normal expectation for a very important reason.

My husband and I have both grown up with elongated toilet bowls. (Bear with me, even though this may sound a little weird) When we bought our house last summer, we came to the quick realization that our new toilet was round. We both disliked our toilet and replacing it with an elongated one was not high on the list of things to fix in our house. However, since the round one was functioning correctly, we couldn't justify spending $100.00 on a new one.

Well, last Sunday in a conversation with our pastor, he happened to mention that they were redoing one of the bathrooms in their house and were getting a new toilet because the current one was the wrong color. Then our pastor asks if we happen to need a toilet because other wise he was going to bring it to Goodwill. My DH says "If it is an elongated toilet, we would love to take the toilet off your hands."

So, two nights ago, my DH installed our new toilet. It's funny how God provides for details right down to a toilet.

Praising God for even the small things!