Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Is On Its Way...

Spring is on its way, at least for me that is. The tree in our backyard is getting new growth and the weather is warming up really quickly. My DH and I put in a flower bed this weekend and I am eagerly awaiting beautiful blooms later on this spring. The sky has been so blue and bright the last few days. It makes me feel like doing something outdoors, like go for a picnic or long walk. I also have the cutest little birds that have taken to build a nest under the awning of our back porch. Since my kitchen overlooks the back porch, I get to hear the little birds chirp and sing while I work in the kitchen. It is so refreshing.

On Thursday, my DH and I went bike riding at a local lake. The website said it was a "Bike and Hike Trail." However, it was more like a path through some tall grass and small trees. I enjoyed the ride; but, it was way more than I was picturing. In my mind, I saw pavement and flowers. In reality, there was a grass and limbs. My DH and I did have a good time though. Just how soon we frequent the "Bike and Hike Trail" again, I have no idea. For now, I will stick to my yoga and pilates for exercise.


Kelli said...

Hello Charree!
Springtime at your place sounds wonderful!! It's always nice to hear the birds chirping! I was in my bedroom yesterday evening and I kept hearing a strange sound. I finally figured out it was the sound of crickets outside my window! LOL
Our tree has green buds and is about to "pop" with leaves any day now!

Charree said...

Several people around here say that spring is coming early this year in Texas. Is that true for you?