Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Almost Finished Kitchen...

Well, there is no new news on the pregnancy front. However, I am greatly appreciative of all of your prayers and am believing that no news is good news. Hopefully we will know more on Thursday.

My mom left this morning, which was very sad. She has helped me so very much. I don't think she will ever understand how much her presence and help have meant to me this last week.

Bless my DH's heart, he has been working so hard to get our kitchen finished. While my mom was here she took care of me and my DH spent almost every spare moment he could finishing up the kitchen.
Alas, it is almost finished. We decided that we were going to change the cabinets handles and we had to order some of them because they were out of them at the store. So, other than 8 pulls, the kitchen is finished and all of the kitchen's content are back in their rightful place.
And might I mention that I absolutely love the counter tops and all of the new counter space. I feel like I am walking into someone else's kitchen. I can't wait until I can actually get back to cooking and making bread in there.


thomas and christi said...

looks great! I see the detail of the molding up there. Your DH did a fabulous job.

Sweet Nothings said...


The kitchen looks great! I love your counter tops! What are they exactly? Corian? Formica?

Glad to hear you're doing ok with your pregnancy. I pray it continues to go well!

In Him,

Charree said...

Thanks! I think my DH did do a fabulous job.

The counters are Silestone and I love them.

Lori said...

I absolutely love your new kitchen cupboards and counter tops.

Makes me want a new counter top.

Davene said...

What a nice, bright attractive kitchen! I can see why you'd be eager to get to work in there, but take your time. :)

I'm eager to hear your news from today's appointment!