Friday, February 2, 2007

A Warm Bowl of Soup is Best...

Yesterday, my DH started getting really sick yesterday. He did not feel very well and spent most of the day in the bed with his work scattered around him. Last night around dinner time, he got really cold (I think was chills) because he had a fever. So for dinner last night, I fixed him a big bowl of Tomato Soup to warm him up.

He went to the doctor this morning and got some medicine. It is good that he has the weekend to get some rest and get better.


Kelli said...

I will keep your husband in my prayers, I hope he feels better soon!
Your tomato soup looks delicious!

Julieann said...

Hope he feels better!!! There is definately something going around here, there was a lot of sniffles and coughing in my daughter's school when I was room mom yesterday.

Your soup looks yummy:)


Shereen said...

Aww... I hope your beloved is feeling better real soon. How nice that you were able to make him some soup. How sweet!!