Friday, February 16, 2007

The Valentine's Package...

On Valentine's Day I got a wonderful box from my family. Below is a picture of its content, all of the content was wrapped and looked all festive.

My parents sent me the new Norah Jones CD, a prenatal yoga workout DVD, and the very cute wallet and sunglasses holder. My sister sent me the 50th Anniversary DVD of Lady and the Tramp. My Grandma (aka Gram) sent me some cookie mix, spatulas, and some really cute recipe cards. It was so wonderful to open up the package and feel the love and the hugs that were sent through the package. I am so glad I have such a wonderful family.

I miss all of you and love you to the sky and back again! Thanks so much for my box of Valentine's "Happys."


Shereen said...

How very thoughtful of your family to send you out a little love package. Did I miss something? Why did you get a prenatal yoga DVD? ;0) Or are you just in preparing mode? lol I'm sure you will enjoy it all.

Kelli said...

I was wondering the same thing as Shereen...did I miss something?!!
What a wonderful Valentine's package that your family sent you!