Thursday, February 22, 2007

Washroom Glimpses...

First let me establish a few things. I know that depending on where you are from, the word washroom has many different meanings. For me, it means my laundry room or utility room.

Now that that has been cleared up, I will proceed. Over the Christmas break, my DH took a day and rehung the shelving in the washroom for me. Since he was going to take everything off of the walls, I decided I wanted to repaint (it was a light mint green that kinda' worked my nerves). I wish that I had a before picture of the room, but I don't.

Anyway, my DH hung more shelves for me and reinforced them so I could put heavy stuff on the shelves. Before I had about 3 shelves total in the washroom. Now, I have shelves from ceiling to floor. Having the washroom finished has really helped us keep the house decluttered and the laundry more organized.

It is still pretty crowded, part of the reason is because we don't have a garage many of my DH's tools and his tool box are in the washroom. I have all of my crafting, sewing, and cake decorating supplies stashed away in the plastic containers. This is the main storage for the house (as you can see). My next project is to go through and put uniform labels on the boxes for better organization.

My DH is going to put another row of shelving above the "chest of drawers" in order to give me one more shelf because right now it is wasted space. The chest of drawers holds all of my table linens and candles.

Just in case you were wondering, I have a pretty big washroom. My DH also put up the bar that the hangers hang on. Before, they were in a basket. The space above the cabinets wound up being perfect for storing and displaying all of my vases.

And that is my FINISHED washroom!


Kelli said...

I LOVE your washroom! It will be wonderful to have all that storage space and everything is so nicely organized! I really like your white wicker drawers too!

Charree said...

The space storage is wonderful, before the shelves, it was piled up on the floor.