Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Package From My Mom...

Yesterday was Monday. Like most Mondays, this one did not seem special. However, as I was getting dressed to go out for some errands, my doorbell rang. It was the UPS man and he was delivering a package to me from my Mom. I was sooooo excited that I started calling to my DH telling him my package had arrived.

When I opened the box, I discovered what all my Mom had sent me. Inside was a fleece blanket (which is great for car rides and movies), some tealights (which have the same scent as the diffuser my mom gave me over Christmas), some fun silver tinsel balls (that I will use to decorate my kitchen next year for Christmas), an Country Living Magazine (that has an article about the market in Canton, TX in it), a sweet note, and "the traveling item" (which happened to be a purse this time). This box of "happys" (as we like to call it) really brightened up my day and made feel hugged by my Mom.

Thanks Mom! I love you very much!


Kelli said...

What a great "box of happys" your mom sent you! It sounds like you have all the ingredients for a cozy evening at home...a warm blanket, pretty candles and a good magazine!

Rebecca said...

HI there! My name is Rebecca and I stopped on over when I saw Kelli mention your envelope creation on her blog. That was lovely, as is your blog.

I must say, you have the most darling mother! My husband, children and I just moved away from our families (about 3 1/2 hours)about 9 months ago (just weeks after my son was born!) at which time I started blogging like mad-out of loneliness and because I wanted the grandparents to 'keep in touch'. Do you know what? They don't even CHECK it, let alone send care packages!

To get a care package like your mother sent you is just precious. It truly is filled with 'happys'. You are very blessed.

Anyway. This was longer than I thought. Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the blog world. I plan to be back soon! :-)

And you were a stunning bride!