Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kelli's Banana Crumb Muffins...

I am not sure if it is better to have a long past about many things or several short ones, so I decided several short ones it will be.

Yesterday I tried out a new recipe from my friend Kelli's blog. Over the weekend she posted a recipe for some Banana Crumb Muffins and the pictures she had of them looked delicious. So since I had a few "quickly going bad" bananas, I decided to give the recipe a try.

The muffins are DELICIOUS!!!!!

Here is a picture of mine.

The recipe is really easy and great tasting. You can go to Kelli's blog for the recipe, it is under the "Five Senses Weekend" post. Thanks for sharing Kelli!


Kelli said...

Hi Charree! I'm so glad you liked the muffins!! If I can keep Benjamin from eating all the bananas I'll make another batch this weekend. :0)

Charree said...

I have the opposite problem, mine start turning brown.