Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Called and Kept...

I have been going through the Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel. The last few weeks we have been studying the prophecies in the book of Daniel (7-12). I must admit that in the very recent past, I have been scared of the book of Revelations and things to do with Satan's "unbridled" rule of the earth. Going through the book of Daniel has changed that.

One thing that I realized last week was that Satan doesn't know when God will send Christ back to the earth, not even the Son knows (Mark 13:32). I knew that information in my mind, but I had never really thought about the implications of this. The main one being that Satan is always preparing for his reign and terror and that is why in every generation the return of Christ seems near. May we always be anticipating Christ's glorious return!

Today God really spoke to me through what Beth Moore wrote in relation to the Greek ruler Antiochus IV Epiphanes's forcing the daily sacrifices to stop (Daniel 8:12). "Based on all the Jews understood, the atoning blood of the daily sacrifices enabled them to approach God in worship and relationship" which in turn could lead them to believe that God had abandoned them. (What a scarry and sad lie.)

What is so neat about the application to today is we are often tell ourselves the same lie. "Oh, how Satan wants the people of God to think God has abandoned them! Thank goodness, God is the initiator, enabler, and sustainer of relationship. Though He undoubtedly calls us to obedience, we can offer nothing that paves a path to the throne of grace. God alone makes the way, and the same God who calls us keeps us."

All the quotes from above are from the Beth Moore study Daniel on page 162.