Friday, December 19, 2008

A Homemade Christmas...

The week of Christmas is here. How exciting! I just love this time of year.

The two children that I watch are very special to me and for Christmas I wanted to give them something special. For A. I made a skirt. She likes long skirts that "spin out like a ballerina when I spin." I found this really cute baby corduroy with flower paisleys and little glitter flowers on it. When I gave it to A., she really liked it and I was happy about that.
For J., I had a very hard time figuring out what to do for him. It is hard to come up with a gift for a 19 month old. He is fascinated by my DH and I's dogs and has been walking around for several months. I found in a book this little dog, "Pull Along Patch", made out of plywood. My DH cut him out for me and I painted him. J. really like him and before he left was pulling around his new little dog.
I am not sure that I will be around much before Christmas; but I hope that your days are filled with much joy and laughter.


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

How wonderful. The gifts are special and I'm sure the children will love them. Merry Christmas.


Julieann said...

Ohhh, Charree, that is just the cutest little doggie--you are so talented, with all the bread baking and the crafts:)

Merry Christmas sweet friend!


Davene said...

Wonderful gifts!

Have a very merry Christmas!!!

Charree said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments. I appreciate your encouraging comments.