Friday, December 12, 2008

Loaves, Loaves Everywhere...

Hello friends! It is the end of Friday already and the weekend is here. Do you have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend?

Well, I finished the bread loaves for my DH's co-workers and they have been delivered. I wound up staying up all night baking bread. I ran into a major problem because I only had three loaf pans and I needed them for two different recipes. I wound up going to the grocery at midnight and buying a couple of cheapo pans just to make the whole process bearable.

My DH helped me layout a timetable and kneading dough. All in all I made 24 loaves of bread. I apparently killed the yeast in 4 of my oatmeal loaves and they were better suited for self-defense projectiles than eating. Those 4 loaves found their way to the trash can in short order.

I made 8 loaves of Banana Nut Bread, 8 loaves of Vermont Oatmeal Honey-Maple Bread, and 8 loaves of French Bread. I had hoped to make fabric bread bags to give them in but time got away from me so ribbon and saran wrap had to do. All in all, I was pleased with the way the gifts turned out though.


Nanci said...

My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. I LOVE the smell of fresh-baked bread. Mmmmm... Your husband is going to have some very happy co-workers.

Up North here, I've been baking a few pumpkin rolls and chocolate cake rolls with mint filling each day, and while I really love the taste of them - I REALLY am getting a little tired of making them.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season,

Nanci @ Brambleberry Cottage

Julieann said...

WoW!!!! You are amazing, my hero--all the bread looks so wonderful. You did an awesome job.


Dawn said...

Wow, girl! I am impressed! What nice gifts these will make...

Charree said...


The chocolate cake rolls with mint filling sound delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipe? I would love to try and make one. I hope that you have a blessed Christmas season as well.


Charree said...


Thanks! It would not have been possible without the help from my DH who stayed up all night with me. Have a great weekend!

Charree said...

Thank you Dawn! I hoped that everyone liked them.

Have a blessed weekend!

Melissa said...

This just reminds me, I need to do something for my husbands coworkers. I do every year, I do NOT need to skip this year!

I think I'm going to try this one:

Thanks for the reminder, the bread looks sooo good!

Charree said...


Those goodies look very tasty. I will have to give the recipe a try. Happy Baking!


Mrs. U said...

OH MY WORD!!! That is a LOT of bread! And thank the Lord you only had 4 that didn't turn out right. All the others look SOOOO delicious!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Mrs. U