Monday, October 20, 2008

Finishing a Dress...

I am a part-time nanny/babysitter to two precious little children. A. is going to be 4 in January and her brother, J., is 17 months. They come over to my house several days a week and we play and do fun activities. Today, A. and I were playing in my sewing room while J. napped. Then out of the blue she asks, "Are you ever going to wear that dress with the flowers on it?" and points to the dress on my dress form. I answered her by saying, "I will whenever I finish sewing it." A. then says, "Oh, well its been on there a for while."

I guess that since it has been over a year, I should really try get the dress finished. I need to make some alterations in the waist, finish the buttons on the front, and hem it. I also need to finish my sister's placemats I was making her for her birthday (last march). Hopefully, I can finish them before her next birthday.

Anyway, I thought that I would share my embarrassment about my unfinished project. Nothing like a 3 year old to make you feel guilty for not getting it finished yet.