Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A September Spent...

Well, the end of September is here and a new month will be coming in short order. I know that I have not done monthly summaries in quite sometime; but, I do think that it helps me to realize that I did accomplish some things and the month didn't zip by unproductively.

So, what all happened this month?

Well, I spent 9 days in Florida beginning on the 9th. One of my dear friends was getting married and my sister and I were both bridesmaids in her wedding. I spent almost all of my time in Florida up until the wedding doing wedding things for/with the Bride. After the wedding however, I had the opportunity to spend more time with my family. We played some games, went to some museums, and went walking around downtown while I was there. I got to shop with my Mom (which is always fun) and got to visit with my Gram. We also ate dinner at Gram's house on Sunday. My Mom and I also met half-way (between where my parents live and my DH's parents live) to have a nice lunch with my MIL. We also had a girls' night and my mom, sister, and I went out to dinner and then to see a movie. When I had to leave it was sad and I once again wished that my DH and I still lived in the same town as they do.

My DH has been taking his comprehensive exams for his PhD this month. The tests have kept him really busy preparing and pretty stressed. He took his last test yesterday morning and now all of the tests are over with. Praise the Lord! It is all over except for the wait of finding out the grades. I am so proud of my DH, not just for his smarts, but for the fact that he has realized that he has been spending more time studying than he usually does (therefore I have been spending more time alone) and he made it possible to set aside several evenings so I can have his undivided attention.

Since I got back from Florida, I have been spending a great deal of my time decorating for fall. As any of who have read any of my recent posts know, I have been having a blast decorating and trying not to go overboard on the pumpkins.

I have also been canning some over the last week. I canned 6 pints of Pear Honey and 4 1/2 quarts of Applesauce.

I also started a photography class this month. I am really enjoying it and I look forward to bettering my pictures. I have already learned a ton of stuff and it is only two weeks into class. Today my DH and I are going to do my next homework assignment, which is taking pictures of fountains.


Mrs. U said...

Photography class!! YIPPEE!!! That sounds like fun to me!! I would love to take a class and learn- there is SO much you can do with a camera and I am clueless!!!

What kind of camera are you shooting with?

Goodness, I am excited for you!

Mrs. U

Charree said...

Mrs. U, I am learning that a camera is way more complicated than I realized. I am shooting with a Nikon D80 and I really like using it. Hopefully you will get to take a photography class soon.