Thursday, September 25, 2008

Going Back to School...

(I took this picture on a day trip my DH and I took with my parents in August.)

Well, in May I finally graduated from college. This was very important because I promised my Dad that I would finish my degree whenever I got married. Also, I only had four classes left to finish when my DH and I moved from Florida to Texas. So two years later, I finally finished. However, in college I was a dual major and did not get to take any fun classes, no yoga or art or anything. So, now that I am finished with my degree, I am going back to take the classes that I really wanted to take. I am taking them through the Continuing Education side of the local community college and I am really enjoying them.

This summer my DH and I took a beginners ballroom dancing class and had a blast. Since the class finished we have been going to local ballroom dances. It is great exercise and now we actually know how to dance.

This semester I am taking a photography class. I am really excited about this class. I have always loved to take pictures (especially of flowers). I will have to share some of the pictures that I take and keep you posted on how things are going. I am really wanting to learn about lighting and effects. When my DH and I have children, I want to be able to have great pictures of them without always having to pay someone to take the pictures.

Now I am off to do my homework.

I hope that your Thursday is full of sunshine and happiness!


Julieann said...

Charree--I am so happy to see you back up and posting again--YAY!!!

Congratulations on graduating college, that is quite an accomplishment!!!


Charree said...

Julieann-- I am glad that I am able to post again. I really do miss all of you when I get to busy to post. I find some sort of comradery with all you other SAHM and wives.

Thanks! I am glad to have it behind me.