Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere...

Well, last night my DH helped me decorate for fall (or at least he told me whether or not it looked good as I was going along). I was so very excited to decorate and I only wished there there was such a thing as "Fall Music" to listen to while I placed pumpkins and leaves around my house. I mean decorating the Christmas tree just isn't the same without some sort of jolly, jingling tune playing, right? Anyway, I am still going to get something for the center of my dining room table and the coffee table. I am going to go shopping for the little wheat pillars and something besides pumpkins to fill in the gaps.

So now for a tour of my recently decorated home...


This is the entry table.

This is a close up of the welcome sign and squirrel votive holder.
The sign says:
"Whether you come in to visit or just to rest
when you enter our home

may you be blessed."

The bookcase in the living room. (Sorry the picture is crooked.)

The sofa with my fall paisley pillows on it.

The armoire.

A side table.

Another side table (in a crooked picture).

The sideboard in the dining room.

The door at the end of the hall.

My fall aprons.

Fall hand towels.

Thanks for taking the fall tour of my house. I hope that you enjoyed it.