Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Final Fall Touches...

Well, I do believe that I have finished decorating for fall. Come late October, I will put out my Pilgrim couple and my Indian couple, but for now I am done.

I went to Hobby Lobby today in search of two items: one for the dining room table and one for the coffee table. I had several different specifications for what I was needing (okay wanting).

First, it couldn't be a pumpkin. My DH encourages me to decorate for the fall because he knows that I love to do it. However, he did request that I not buy any more pumpkins because I already have a ton of them.

Second, it had to be easy to move. Since it is on the dinner table it will get moved every other day as I change out the tableclothes and on the coffee table because it is my multi-purpose table in the house. I am always using it for something.

Third, the coffee table decoration couldn't be breakable. I watch a 16 month old (J.) three days a week and he is very curious about stuff.

So that being said, J. and I set off in search of some fall treasures at Hobby Lobby.

I found these cute little acorns.

They added a little something extra to one of the end tables.

This is some of the best potporri. It smells of cinnamon with a hint of pumpkin and it has so many neat textures and shapes. The bowl (holder) is made of little metal leaves and looks great on the coffee table.

This vase is really rustic looking. It added height and some subtle color to the dining room table.

Thanks for finishing the fall tour of my house.

I hope your day is blessed!

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful fall decor! I love the vase!! And how nice to have a husband who encourages you to decorate!

Thanks for sharing!