Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Back in the Swing of Things (Well Not Yet)...

I am still working on the whole daily routine thing. It seems that I turn around and it is 9:00 at night and my body is just starting to really get in the "let's get things done" mode (about 12 hours too late). I am slowly but surely getting there.

It dawned on me earlier that I am now 4 days late on my monthly summary for March. I will have to think about it over the next day and post that tomorrow.

Thanks to all of you who thought that my three poochies were cute. I tell them they are adorable all of the time (however, I think that I may be a little bias).

I am very excited because I found out today that my sister will be coming out to see me at the end of the month. I am soooooo very EXCITED!

I have several things that I would like to accomplish before the end of the week and one of them would be a first for me. Tomorrow, I am going to try my hand at making bread. I will have to let you know how that goes. Mrs. U had a simple looking French Bread Recipe that I am going to try.


Julieann said...

Hi Charree--I so enjoyed all the pictures you have posted. How nice that your siter will be visiting also. About the bread---> YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I know you can:)

I can't wait to hear about it.


Kelli said...

That's wonderful, Charree!!! I always love when my sister comes for a visit!