Monday, April 9, 2007

The April Cold...

Well, it has been a very, very busy week around here. I think that I looked at my computer a total of 3 times since last Tuesday. I hope that all of you have been well and had a wonderful Easter.

A song was running through my head all day Saturday, White Christmas. Believe it or not, we had snow this weekend. That's right, SNOW. My DH and I joked about having a White Easter instead of a White Christmas and all day long I was just dying to put in a Christmas CD. It seemed like the mood was wrong and Christmas jingles just might help take away the oddity of an only snowfall happening on April 7th instead of December 7th. But in the end, I got the snow I had been hoping far all winter.

I was very excited. Being the Florida girl that I am, I was as bad as a kid playing in it. My DH and I had a snowball fight and my three dogs loved chasing snowballs.

After we had played outside for a while, we came in and sat around a bunch of candles (since we don't have a fireplace) and played Sequence while drinking hot apple cider. It was great. I thought I would share some pictures.

(Me when the it first started snowing)
(My DH and I after it had been snowing a while)

(The boys playing in the snow)(Maggie with snowflakes in her hair)

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Julieann said...

Hi Charree, you and your husband are just too cute:) I am so glad you enjoyed the snow--this was a very fun post:)

I know what you mean about computer time, sometimes, I feel like I am always on it, and other times, I can't find a minute to sit down..LOL;)