Monday, August 3, 2009

The July Now Past...

How quickly July flew right on by. For us it was a month that was packed pretty full. We had a lot of stuff going on, but seemed to have survived all of the "busy-ness" and traveling unscathed. I know that I haven't consistently done monthly summaries recently, but I really like looking back and seeing what all happened in the months past. So, here it goes...

We started of the month in Florida. We spent a week with my DH's family and then a week with mine. Both my MIL and my mom hosted a baby shower for us. The one at my MIL's was a couples shower. We had a great time and it was fun to have my DH there as we opened all the cute little baby things. Below are a few pictures from that shower.

(The yummy food table)
(Cloth diaper cake and petite fore table)
(Visiting with family)
(Me and Matt's Aunt who co-hosted the shower)

The next Sunday, my mom hosted a baby shower for me. She invited all of the ladies form my church back in Florida. It was so nice to see all of them and get to visit with them. Below are a few pictures from that shower. (The food table)
(The pregnant lady at the food table)
(Group picture from the shower)

The following Thursday, we went to my mom's work for a birthday lunch for her. Turns out, it was a surprise baby shower/birthday lunch. It was a complete surprise and was such a thoughtful thing for the people my mom works with to do for us. Below are some pictures from that shower.(Very tasty cake, made by one on my mom's co-workers)(Opening up little baby things)
(Group picture)

We spent the rest of our days in Florida just hanging out. I never knew how much I missed the beach until this trip home. We wound up going to the beach two or three times and I managed not to get sunburned. Yay!!! We went to the gardens that are near where my parents live. It is always so fun to go through them and actually see flowers. (Out here in Texas, at least where we live, botanical gardens are mainly cactus and ornamental grasses and I miss hydrangeas and hibiscus.) We also went to a Naval museum and several other local museums and just wandered around. I don't really have any other pictures from our trip home, which I am disappointed about. I need to get better about documenting our trips.

I managed to get us unpack and back to normal within a week of returning home. Thank the Lord I have been pretty energetic for a large part of the day, so I have been able to keep up the house and my FlyLady cleanings. I even managed to make the curtains for the office. I have been needing to make them for several months now and I finally got around to them. The picture of them isn't really that good though.
One of the projects that my DH and I wanted to have completed before our little boy arrives is a fenced area for us to use. Our yard is occupied by three dogs and with three dogs comes a lack of being able to play in the grass (enough said). So, we decided that we wanted to fence in a portion of our yard that would have clean grass and be puppy-free. My DH put then fence up a couple of weekends ago. This isn't the best picture, but at least you can see what a nice, large area we will have to play in.

I really can't think of anything else that went on this month. I am sure that I will think of it later, but for now that's it.