Friday, August 14, 2009

"You Must Be Due Any Day Now"...

I went out and about today running some errands. I have been surprised by how much more talkative many women that I have never met before are. I think that it is some sort of a "mommy-bond" that makes women seem so interested in how big you are, the baby's gender, and whether or not said baby has a name yet.

To me, when I look in the mirror, I see my tummy as big, but I don't see it as humongous or about to pop. However, to the world I apparently look significantly larger. I had 4 ladies start a conversation with some variation of "your baby will be here any day now..." They look extremely surprised when I tell them that I have nine more weeks left and most of them responded with something along the lines of "you aren't going to make it that far". One lady followed her first statement with "are you having twins or triplets?" Being a part of these conversations has actually made me smile, cracked me up a little, and increased my anticipation of our little ones arrival.

I previously had the mind set that we had at least 9 weeks left; but the last few days I become more aware that 9 weeks may be the maximum and not the minimum amount of time left. I am beginning to less anxious now that I am getting things checked off of my "Things To Do Before the Baby Arrives" list.

My mom was here last weekend and worked in the nursery. We finished the little painting on the wall and I now have a plan for pulling the rest of the room together. I have completed one curtain and now I just have to finish the other curtain. My DH is going to build me a couple of shelves to put around the room. The last week of August my rocking chair, the nursing stool, and the shelves will be going to the refinishing guy and he should have them completed about a week after that. We also bought the crib mattress too. So things are starting to come together.

I have made my hospital packing list and purchased the items that I didn't have. My goal is to pack my hospital bag this weekend and have it sitting by the front door.

I have been feeling really well and have had a nice amount of energy that usually runs out about 8 or 9 pm. My shots are going well and all of my blood work came back good from my last lab. I have another appointment one week from Wednesday and then we begin the twice a week appointments. I am getting so excited just thinking about our little boy finally arriving, and I am pretty sure that I have used the word "excited" a hundred times in post about our little boy. I just can't help myself, I am so happy.

Also, one of my friends, who's due date was a week and a half before mine, had her baby this week. He is in the NICU and last I heard was in "unstable" condition. Please keep their little baby in your prayers. His name is Sean.

I hope that all of you have a very nice weekend!


Davene said...

Charree, you look GREAT! I know what you mean about the instant conversations that spring up between women, based on pregnancy. Sometimes people's comments are funny, and sometimes they're irritating...but it sounds like you're taking it all in good humor. I'm so excited for you! ENJOY these last weeks of being pregnant; there's never another time like it (even if you get pregnant again because in that case, you'll have another child to care for as well!). :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's baby. I will pray for little Sean!

Cherishing Young Biblical Womanhood said...

Isn't funny the things perfect strangers will say to you? You look so wonderfully happy. It is such a joy preparing for a baby! I can't wait to see pics of your finished nursery! God Bless you and your new baby boy arriving soon.

thomas and christi said...

love the picture! you look gorgeous. glad you're getting all your gear together ;)

Katie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Always good to make new blogger buddies.

I know what you mean about the insane questions people ask. To bad you can't respond with something to show them how not friendly their questions are, "I'm not due for another 9 weeks, when are you due?" I thought about it with my pregnancy but never could pull it off. I just smiled. Wait until they start commenting on how big your baby is for his or her age. I tell you, weight judgement starts early. LOL

Mrs. U said...

You look so lovely!!!! You're having a baby!! You are a MOMMY!!! Don't you just LOVE it!!!

I am praying for you!

Mrs. U

It's Always Something Around Here said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I think you look adorable. It amazes me what people say sometimes.

Best of luck to you!

Hope you will come visit me again.