Monday, August 24, 2009

A Week of Absense and Productivity...

Hey everyone! This past week has really flown by and here were are at Monday again.

Today, my DH went back to work in his office. It was so nice to have him working here at the house this summer. I do believe I got a little spoiled having him at the dining room table all the time. Today, I have been doing chores around here and stuff, trying to keep myself occupied and trying not to feel a little lonely.

Last Wednesday was the last "official" day for me to watch the precious little kiddos I have been watching for the last 2 1/2+ years. While I may watch them here and there in the future, the multiple times a week opportunities to spend time with them is over. They have been such a joy to watch and spend time with. I am pretty sure I could fill up a whole notebook of random and funny sayings from A, she has completely cracked me up over the last few years. As that chapter of my life slowly closed on Wednesday, I must admit that I did have to fight back a few tears as A. and I sat at the table doing "crafty things" like we have done many times before. I just can't believe that over two years have past since A. and J. came into my life and brought the joy that children bring into my DH and I's home.

The new chapter of my life will be brief and busy. I have had what some people call nesting pretty severely and I am sure that it won't quit until everything on my list of to do's is done. I have managed to get about half of my list complete, so I feel like it is possible to get it all done. The next chapter of my life may start anytime now, but we are hoping for sometime after October 1st.

One of my big projects over the last week was reorganizing the laundry/sewing room. When we moved my sewing stuff into the laundry room, there was ample space yet we didn't take the time to organize it. Instead we, for the most part, haphazardly just put the stuff on the shelves and let it be. I meant to take a picture of mess before, but I forgot. Now, my fabrics are organized as well as the rest of my crafting supplies.

Last week, my sewing project was a nap pad for J. made out of a vintage cowboy print and some soft denim. I forgot to get a picture of it though before he took it home though. I think that it turned out really cute though. This week, I plan on sewing a nursing cover and embellishing some burp clothes. I am hoping that they will both be rather quick projects; but, we will have to see.

Saturday, my DH and I did some touch up painting in the nursery. There were a few places we had missed and we painted the closet doors and main door. I hope to have some pictures of the nursery up with in the next two and a half weeks, once everything is complete. For now, I will share a picture of the little hanging on his door. My mom and I found early in my pregnancy and I knew just the place for it. I love that it says "Bless This Baby".
Well, I had better get to cooking some dinner. Lentils and rice are on the menu and I think I might bake a batch of pecan sandies as a surprise for my DH. Hope that your evening is blessed!


Davene said...

What an exciting time for you! It sounds like you are really enjoying it and using this irreplaceable stage of life to get a lot done. I almost envy how organized you are at this phase of life...I wish I had been back before my first child was born! :)

That "bless this baby" decoration is adorable--one of the nicest nursery decorations I've seen in quite a while!

Charree said...

I have had a lot of help from my DH and my mom getting things ready. Without the two of them things would be a lot crazier than they are. :-D

I just love the little birdies too.