Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caramel Apple Goodies...

Hello to all of you. I hope that your day is starting off very well and that it continues the whole day through.

Yesterday I made caramel apples to bring up to my DH's work. I had made some last year and they a hit. So, this year I decided to bring some again. It is fun to see how people light up when you bring stuff like that to the office, professionals get kind of excited.
This year I made little pumpkin tags to hang on them. I had wanted to a stamp that said "Happy Fall" on it, but a pumpkin was all that I could find. I made the tags from little tent gift cards and cut them in half. I used an embossing powder to make them look a little nicer. I wrapped them in just plain saran wrap (for the plain caramel apples, I sprayed the saran wrap with cooking spray to keep the carmel from sticking to it) and tied them off with a ribbon.
This year I made four different types of apples: plain caramel, caramel pecan, caramel salted peanuts, and caramel chocolate chip (my personal favorite). I wound up making 20 medium apples (5 of each type) using 4 bags of caramel bits and I had enough leftover to make 2 more very large apples. The caramel bits melt a whole lot faster than the cubes and you don't have to unwrap them. My grocery had them in the baking section (with the chocolate chips and coconut), not on the candy aisle. I uses the mini-morsels chocolate chips and they work really well. A tip though is to let the apple cool for a minute before rolling it in the chocolate chips because if the caramel is too hot it will melt the chips. I learned that the hard way.
If you would like to give them a try, the recipe for melting the caramel is on the back of the bag. After you melt the caramel all there is to do is dip and roll (if desired). It is great to mix types of toppings like a turtle apple with pecans, chocolate chips, and caramel.
Caramel apples are one of my favorite fall treats. What are some of your favorite fall treats?


Davene said...

Oooo, these look yummy!

One of my favorite fall treats is...having a fire in our woodstove again! That's not exactly the same kind of treat as caramel apples though. :)

Charree said...

I would love to have some sort of fire in my house. We lack both a fireplace and a woodstove. If I had a woodstove I would consider it a fall treat too.

Mrs. U said...

Good gracious!!! These are SO pretty and sound super delicious!!

Mrs. U