Monday, January 29, 2007

Keepsake Envelope Folders

I was browsing Martha Stewart's Website looking through her Valentine's section when I happened upon this neat idea. They are Keepsake Envelopes which can hold little treasures for your Valentine.

irst, fold the flaps back on all but one of the envelopes you want to join. With the unfolded flap on the bottom, stack the envelopes, open side up. Moisten folded flaps; affix each to the envelope behind it. Punch a hole through the bottom center of all the envelopes; insert keepsakes (old letters, treasured notes, or trinkets), and fold last flap over. Thread a ribbon through the hole, and tie.


Kelli said...

Oh, I LOVE this idea!! What a lovely place to keep special things..I'll have to look for some pretty envelopes the next time I'm at the craft store. These would make great gifts too! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Shereen said...

Thanks for sharing this idea, I will have to try those out for the children as well. Very cute!!

Heather said...

This is a great idea. I may have to make one for my husband and fill it with "coupons" for him to redeem.

Thanks for sharing!