Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Blooms Around...

Happy Wednesday to you! The weather is beautiful today. The type of day where you would just like to spend the whole day in a hammock reading a book, too bad I don't have a hammock.

I wanted to say thanks to all of you for your feedback about the vacuum-pack bags. I wound up purchasing a set of them and was very impressed with the job they did. Now all of my sweaters and shirts are packed away as well as my king comforter and a queen duvet cover. I am a BIG fan of them now.

Most of our flowers in the front beds and in pots on the back porch have been blooming. I took a few pictures of the blooms around and thought that I would share them with you.

First we have Dianthus surrounded by Lillies (that aren't blooming yet) and Dusty Miller.
Then there are Columbine (which are one of my personal favorites).
There are also some Purple Oxalice and Lemon Thyme.
The Iris are also blooming...
As well as the Gerbera Daisies.
Around back, my Clematis is blooming.
And that is the tour of the blooms around my abode. Thanks for stopping by.

Do you have blooms around you? Which one is your favorite (if it is possible to have a favorite)?


Wendi said...

Everything looks great! My spring flowers are starting to die off and everything else is coming awake. Lilies are growing huge and hostas are waking up. My clematis is greening up, but no blooms yet.

Loved your tour! Have a great day!

Rick said...

It looks very nice. Spring has sprung at your house.

Brittany said...

Beautiful pictures! I really love the second one! One of my favorite things that is blooming around here lately are the white cherry blossom trees, also called Dogwood Trees. They are just beautiful! I would love to someday have a long driveway with Dogwood Trees on either side, all the way down. I'll have to check with my husband on that though! :)

Hope you and the baby are doing well!