Thursday, April 29, 2010

Living Room Redo...

Judah is now to the point where he is really close to crawling. However, we have hardwood floors all throughout our house which makes learning to crawl complicated on two accounts. The first, Judah's feet just slip around and he would quickly give up trying. Second, when he would slip he would come very close to hitting his face on the hard floor.

So this past weekend, my DH and I went on the search for a rug for the living room. After purchasing/returning 4 rugs, I found the one I liked. The next task was making the rug work in the living room. I looked for some before pictures of the room but I couldn't find any.

We moved the loveseats this way and that way. The armior was moved up and down the wall. Finally we decided to try it a comepletely different place and it worked PERFECTLY. I am going to do a small collage of pictures on the wall next to the armior and over the brown loveseat.