Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Booties Cake...

At the beginning of last month, one of my DH's coworker's wife was given a baby shower. The theme of the shower was Victorian. They are having a little girl, but the mom isn't a really big fan of pink.
So, I came up with a cake design to fit the theme and the colors. I made some little Victorian baby booties for the top of the cake out of gum paste.
The cake turned out a little brighter green than I had originally planned. I had wanted more of a light sage color.


Amy said...

The cake is so cute! I love the booties!

Cake decorating on my list of "things I'd like to learn someday..." As of yet, that someday has not come.

Charree said...

Thank you Amy!

It is actually easier than I thought it was. Hopefully you will get to learn how soon.

Have a blessed day!