Monday, June 1, 2009

The May Past and the June Ahead...

Goodness gracious, May just flew right on by and now June is here. I can't believe that it is June; but, I do feel like a lot of stuff happened and was accomplished in May.

May started off great with a visit from my sister for a few days. Her visit was followed very shortly by my birthday and my DH and I's third anniversary. It was a great week and I was sad that all of the excitement ended so quickly.

My DH and I have almost completed our intermediate ballroom dance class. We have had a lot of fun and it is definitely exercise. When we finish our two hours class I feel like I have been doing a Cardio workout. We did have to miss class a couple of time because my feet were too swollen to fit into my dance shoes. But, we managed to learn what we missed last week, so we aren't behind.

We did have a foster dog that wandered up to our house last November. He (Jackson) was a sweet dog, but four was just one too many, especially with our little boy on the way. Well, I had a yard sale several weeks ago and I posted a "Free Dog to Good Home" sign. We found a good home for him and both Jackson and the little girl that took him both looked so happy to have found each other. As they drove off with him, I started to cry. It was sad to see him go, but a blessing that we were able to find him a good home and didn't have to take him to the humane society.

The month of May was a big preparation month for us. We found out on the 19th that God is blessing us with a little boy! So, let the preparation begin, and begin it did. Our nursery furniture came in and I am really pleased with it. Below is a picture of my DH putting together the dresser.
The house switch-a-roo is pretty much complete. We have managed to switch our former bedroom and my former sewing room into our new bedroom and the nursery. We even painted the rooms and put up some crown molding. Our room took a little bit of finagling around with to get our king size bed and all of our furniture into it. We are liking the result though. (Click here for the before picture of the room.)
We have got the nursery set up, but it is lacking most of the details in it. Below is a picture of my DH putting together the crib. As you can see from the picture below, the walls are blue and the furniture is an espresso color. I will show more pictures of the nursery when it is completed (but that will be a while).
This month we have a pretty busy, but yet laid back month (is that possible???). I will not be watching the children I keep for the next six weeks. I do have a long list of things I would like to do or accomplish before this little break from working is over with. This week I am hoping to make a maternity skirt for myself and a maternity dress. We will have to see how the end results turn out.

We are taking a short trip home this month to see family. We are excited that we will get to see all of them. I will post some pictures of the visit when we go.

I hope all of you are off to a good start in the month of June! May your month be blessed!