Monday, March 1, 2010

Passing By Quickly...

I know that the monthly summaries that I did do once upon a time on this blog haven't happened recently; however, for this month I wanted to change that, even if it is over a week late.

Let's see, February started out without a lot of hoopla and ended much the same way. For most of the month, daily activities filled the days with nothing to spectacular in them.

I did get taken out to dinner by the two most handsome guys in the world for Valentine's Day and received my very first "official" Mom card. The front of the card said, "To my very first Valentine".
This past month, Judah did what seemed like a lot of growing. I was telling my mom earlier that he is looking less like an infant and more like a baby everyday. He started eating cereal (actually he has been perpetually spitting out cereal that we have tried to give him since) the second week of the month. He has started to laugh, especially when he is being tickled. However, one thing that hasn't changed is his love for cuddling. I just couldn't resist sharing the below picture, his little smile melts my heart.In March, we have a short trip planned to visit family. Our families are eagerly counting down the days until we head that way. I am not sure what all we will be doing, but I do know that Judah will be giving and getting more "sugar" (aka kisses) than he knows what to do with.

I am looking forward to decorating for spring soon. I was so tempted to bust out the crate last weekend, but with the snow I guess it is a good thing I didn't. I can just feel the spring weather trying to push its way in.

I am hoping that slightly warmer weather this next month will allow Judah and I to go walking some. On recent sunshiny days I could hear the outdoors calling my name, but it is still to cool.

I hope to get a couple of sewing projects finished in March. I bought some really soft flannel fabric to make some cloth wipes. It is washed and waiting to be cut and serged. I also have some burp cloths I need to finish as well.

What all do you have going on this month? Any fun plans or projects?


Melissa said...


It's great to see you on here! Judah is one gorgeous little boy! I love that photo of him with his arm propped up on the pillow! I have big plans for getting rid of "stuff" this month. Hopefully getting a jump start on spring cleaning!

Charree said...

Thanks you Melissa! A jump start on spring cleaning sounds great, something I really should get to doing too. Happy Cleaning to you!