Monday, October 1, 2007

October is Here...

Happy October 1st everyone.

I really cannot believe that October is here already and fall is fixing to be in full swing. I can tell the fall sunlight as it twinkles through the trees. However, I have not started to feel the coolness of fall. I hope that it is coming soon though.

I am very excited about this month, my life is falling into some sort of a routine and I am feeling excited about the time ahead. What all do you have going on this month???

My DH and I are going to take a short little overnight trip this month to San Antonio so I am getting excited about that. We are going to go to the Symphony and eat at some of the restaurants that have been featured in Southern Living.

I am also in charge of a Marriage Retreat for my church and that will be at the end of the month, so I am currently working on the little welcome baskets for the rooms. I will post pictures as the baskets are finished.

The 22nd of the month will be one year since my miscarriage. This month I know will have its ups and downs with the approaching of this day. However, in my weakness, I am trying to cling to God and trust in the fact that He has me safely in His hands. Ironically, that is where the name of my blog came from, resting on God during the past year.

I had high hopes of doing a fall tour of my home for all of you. However, doing this fell lower on the list than the laundry and the floors. So, I hope to have a tour tomorrow.

Sending Hugs and Wishes of a Wonderful October!


Kelli said...

Happy October to you, Charree! It sounds like you have lots of wonderful plans for the month of October!

Julieann said...

Happy October to you Charree--I love it :) I can't wait to see your tour.