Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Messy Office? Not Anymore...

I survived the office mess. To start with I thought that I might have bitten of more than I could chew, but I managed to get it all put away after all. Here is the after picture of the office. The lone box you see is my donate box.
For the record though, my house cannot hold another piece of furniture in it and I am pretty sure that all of the storage space is maxed out as well. My laundry/storage room is filled to the ceiling.
I did manage to keep my crafting stuff somewhat accessible, which my DH said was a must. He said if I put it all away in crates, I wouldn't touch again. So, with his help we reworked the bookcases in the office so I could put the books that were in the below bookcase out in the office. Then I filled the recently emptied bookcase with fabrics. One of these days I am going to start on that long list of projects I have to complete. For now, I am trying get crib rail covers sewn for my teething little boy's crib.

I also found some great sheets that I am wanting to use to redo our bedroom with. I am doing a room makeover on a tight budget and I was sooo excited to find some twin Ralph Lauren floral sheets (the same print as the comforter in the picture) for $8 each at Marshall's. I am wanting to make some pillowcases, a bedskirt, and some valances out of them. I was thinking about trying to find a queen sheet to make a shower curtain out of, but my DH said we might should do our bedroom first and make sure it isn't too much of the same print. I will have to put some before pictures of our room and then some after ones (once I actually change it up).

Speaking of before and after pictures, I had to wonder what possessed me to put up pictures of the office in such a mess. However, I figured out that it served to be great motivation to get the office finished. I needed to be able to post the cleaned up after pictures quickly so that my office didn't go down in blog-infamy looking the way it did in the before pictures. So, you just might see more before after pictures around here.