Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flying Again...

Well, the office/laundry room is almost finished getting reorganized. In fact, the laundry room is done and now I am finishing up the overflow in the office. I hope that I manage to get the office finished by the end of the day and have pictures tomorrow.

This week, I am really wanting to get back to the basic FlyLady zones. I understand that I am not going to be able to go over it with a fine-toothed comb as I have previously done, but I do want to do the big things.

My mom is coming for a visit at the end of the week (Yay!) and I want the house to be nice when she gets here. My DH's parents will be here later on in the month, so I hope that I can carry on my zoning until they arrive. I just hope this little FlyBaby can manage to keep flying and get back in the FlyLady routine of things.

Judah is getting so close to walking. He is crawling all over the place and pulls up anytime he can. He is still learning that once he pulls up he can't just let go. I am learning that falls come with the territory, but I am hoping I don't have a heart attack before he gets the hang of it. I constantly feel my heart jumping into my throat and am always wondering whether or not the last little fall gave him a concussion. (Those of you that have gone through this, did you feel the same way or is it just me?) I am seeing how much Judah bases his reaction on my reaction so I am trying not freak out every time.
I am currently taking a little rest with my sweet little boy napping nestled right up next to me. He is having a snuggle day today. I think one of his top teeth is about to break through because he is kinda' unsatisfiable today. When I set him down, he just crawls over to me and starts pulling up on my legs. So, snuggle day it is and I am cherishing these moments.


Davene said...

I was wondering how your FlyLady stuff was going with having a little one in the house. I know you were so disciplined with that pre-Judah. :) For me, I manage to "flutter," but not fly like I would prefer...but that goes with the territory, and small progress is still encouraging. Most of all, "cherishing these moments," as you put it, is the most important thing on your to-do list!

About the falls...oh yes, I would worry about Josiah, especially because we lived in Israel at the time and had HARD tile floors. Somehow he survived. :) You're wise to keep your reaction calm so that Judah will (hopefully!) do likewise.

It's always good to read updates from you!!

Charree said...

Davene~ I like the fluttering description and I would say that sums up my FlyLady routines. :-D Amen on the most important thing on the to-do list. I am gald to be blogging again. I missed my blogging friends.

Have a blessed day!