Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Snowing...

There had been talk yesterday that we might get some snow. There were some predictions of 4 to 7 inches. But, who knows, right??? This morning Judah and I were hanging out in the bed when I remembered said predictions and hopped out of bed to see if there was a small chance that it was snowing. Low and behold the ground was white and so were the trees.

Maybe it is the fact that I pretty much grew up in Florida, but I could barely contain my excitement. I mean honest to goodness SNOW!!! Not just falling but piling up all around (at least to my Floridian standard). Before long, I got a call from my DH saying that he would be heading home early because of the weather. I put a pot of soup on the stove to warm him up when he got home and then I started getting us bundled up to got play outside. There is not much point in having half of a snow day without playing in the snow, right???
It is probably the fact that we are from Florida and snow is so very, very rare that makes us/me excited about getting out in it. We walked around in the snow and took some pictures. My DH built us some snow men while Judah and I watched from indoors because Judah decided that he didn't really care for the cool wind that accompanied the snow.
It was a light snowfall most of the day and I am not sure how much snow we actually got. But, I do know that this Southern girl was happy and excited to look out the window and see little snowflakes falling.


Hammond Bride said...

That is the cutest little snow family I've seen in a while! Way to go hubs!

Brandi said...

Love the snow family! And little Judah is getting so big!!!

Charree said...

Allison~ Thank you! I thought Matt did a great job.

Brandi~ Thanks! I can't believe how big and how quickly Judah is growing.

I hope each of you ladies have a blessed week!