Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Fish and Some Horses...

This past weekend, my DH had to go out of town so we decided to travel with him and make a little weekend trip out of it.  I took Judah and Magdalene to the aquarium in Dallas to occupy us for the afternoon.   

After some shoe sizing/shopping for the kiddos and dinner, we went to the hotel to play, get ready for bed, and wait for my DH to get in. 

We had dreary, cold, and wet weather the whole time we were there.  But, thankfully that didn't keep us from doing what Judah wanted to do most, which was ride a train.  We took the train from Grapevine to the Ft. Worth Stockyards.  Judah had an absolute blast.  We brought along a few train books to read and he was just tickled to get to go to the snack bar to get some cookies.

My serious cowboys waiting for their dinner.
The weather kept the live horses from being out to ride, but Judah was content just riding the mechanical ones.

On the ride back to the station, both of the kiddos took a snuggled up nap while my DH and I got to chat.


Christi said...

What a fun mini vacation, with a train ride! Beautiful kiddos.

Megalamode said...

Looks like fun!

Charree said...

Christi - Thanks!

Megalamode - It was!