Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Time, Girl Time, and Dancing Time...

Okay, so I am back from my trip to Florida. I hope that all of you had a great Fourth of July and a good couple of weeks.

My Mom, sister (Hannah), and I all had the opportunity to attend the Deeper Still Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was so wonderful to spend time with both of them and spend time time growing in my relationship with the Lord. I want to take the time tomorrow to share with you all that God showed me, convicted me about, and encouraged me with.

We drove back to Florida on Saturday evening and I got to spend a few days with the rest of my family as well. On Sunday, we had lunch at Gram's, which is always a treat, and played Ticket to ride and Bananagram for the rest of the evening. On Monday, my Gram took my Mom, sister, snd I out for all of our graduation. Then Mom and I spent the rest of the evening browsing T.J. Max and Tuesday Morning. On Tuesday, I had a quick lunch with one of my dear friends and got to meet her new family. Then my Dad, Mom, sister, and I went to some of our favorite stores. Then my Dad took all of us our for a gradution celebration dinner. We had a great time together.

My Mom and I drove back to Texas so that I would not have to miss dance class. My DH and I are taking Ballroom Dancing this summer and we are having a blast. So far, we have learned the Foxtrot, Waltz, and East Coast Swing. It is soooooo much fun.

On Thursday and Saturday, my Mom and I just went shopping around town and she helped me work on my sister's placemats that I am making for her. On Friday, we drove up to Canton for the Canton Trade Days. We had fun looking around and found few random things, but nothing really spetacular. We then had dinner at P.F. Chang's and went on to have dessert at Cheesecake Factory. Needless to say, we ate good that day and I have two favorite new resturants.

My mom had to leave on Sunday morning to drive back home. I am getting back in the hang of things around here and trying to catch up on laundry and housework. I do believe that by tomorrow, the house will back in its normal shape (free of suitcases, random misplaced items, and a pile of dirty towels) or at least that is what I am hoping for.

I am interested in knowing a little about all of you, I would like to know what your two favorite resturants are and what your favortite thing to get at them is.

My favorite resturants are P.F. Chang's and Cheesecake Factory (though neither one is located where I live). I order the Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Chang's Spicy Chicken, Mongolian Beef, or Crisp Honey Shrimp when we go to P.F. Chang's. When we go to Cheesecake Factory I like Buffalo Blasts, Bang-bang Chicken and Shrimp, or Pesto Pizza and one of many of their cheesecakes (I can't pick a favorite one of those).

What is yours?


Mrs. U said...

Hi Charree!!
I can't wait to hear about the conference. I'll bet you had a wonderful time!!

I cannot pick just one restaurant!! LOL!!! I do REALLY love PF Chang's (Ginger Chicken OOOOOOHHH MMMYYYYY!!!!!), but can't decide if it's #1 or not!!! After that, I'll probably pick Carrabba's. Yum. Oh boy, I'd better stop now... my mouth is seriously watering!! LOL!!

Mrs. U

Charree said...

Mrs. U,

I will have to try the Ginger Chicken the next time we go. I really like Carrabba's, we don't have one where we live, but there is one in the town that parents live in. Have a great day!