Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Restful Sunday...

Hi everyone! I hope that as the end of the weekend approaches, each of you can look back and say that you had a nice weekend.

I had a very nice weekend. Late yesterday morning, I had a meeting at my church about the summer programs for children in the church. Afterwards, my DH and I went out to lunch with our pastor 's family and another sweet family in our church. It was really nice to have the opportunity to fellowship with them.

Yesterday evening, my DH and I went over to some of our friends' house for dinner and a game of spades. We had a marvelous time, even though we did get beat pretty bad in spades.

This morning, we went to church and I was working in the nursery for the sermon. Afterwards, I came home and made chili for lunch. My DH and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games and calling our families.

It has been a truly wonderful and restful Sunday.