Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Is Only the Beginning...

This week I started Judah's homeschool preschool.  He was so excited and couldn't wait for his school to begin.  Over the last couple of months, my DH would watch the kiddos for a couple of hours while I went and planned/prepared for the school year.  So finally, Monday arrived school was started.  Daddy was working from home on Monday, so he was able to snap a picture of us before we started.

This week we are reviewing colors.  On Monday, we talked about how God made all the different colors that we see.  We made an artist's palette as our craft for the day.
On Tuesday, we reviewed red and yellow.  Judah was very excited to be doing school again, so we busted out the scissors and let him clip away at a paper plate that we had colored yellow.  We made a sun that day.

On Wednesday, we reviewed brown and blue.  I knew that we were going to need more crafting than just the coloring that our curriculum had.  So we made a boat picture using little brown rectangles for the boat, a yellow circle for the sun, a red triangle for the sail, and wavy strips of blue for the water.  We pulled out the glue, so he was happy about that.

Magdalene is ever curious about what Judah is doing and several times during our lesson comes to check things out.
On Thursday, we reviewed black and green.  We didn't have any special craft for that day, even though  in retrospect, I should have planned one.

On Friday, we reviewed purple and orange.  We did our curriculum coloring pages, which included a the rainbow with the story of Noah.  After nap, we made M&M cookies to celebrate all of the colors we learned about this week.

 On Saturday, the local Chick-fil-a had First Responder Day.  We had fun exploring the fire trucks and SWAT vehicle.
The most memorable thing for Judah from the day was the cow dressed up with a "fire-hat" on.

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Megalamode said...

Hope you enjoy your homeschooling journey as much as we have enjoyed ours! :) So much fun!